I’m over whelmed and grateful to all those who took the time to do what we did today. Though we all have our daily lives to focus on, the fact that you took the time to do this is commendable! Listen, life is hard enough and we all have our attention being sucked up and our industry lambasted by people who don’t know the facts. Just as one can choose not to watch adult faire, we can choose to fight.

Like a good workout in the gym, or a good fight-where you threw punches and kicks till the sound of the bell- you can hold your head up high and know ‘you brought it’. The fight isn’t over. We need to keep getting the message out. Keep tweeting the issue, at least once or twice a day. November 6th is a little over a month away. We need to stay on message AND we need to act responsibly during this time as everyone will be looking for an excuse to bash us.

If you haven’t registered to vote yet, do so. I didn’t register until after Clinton’s two terms. I should have registered much sooner. But I was, like a lot of younger people, moving around and doing what young bucks do. It wasn’t until I realized that I had some skin in the this game called Life.

So don’t wait. Register now.

One last point. We know that on the national level, the presidential election is decided by electoral votes. BUT, on the local level, your VOTE counts as a VOTE. There is no aggregating of votes to declare majority win.

So this vote REALLY COUNTS! Keep spreading the message as far and wide as possible.



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