james deen reads dr. suessOver the last year James Deen’s notoriety increased quite a bit with his role in the film “The Canyons” alongside TMZ  bait chum Lindsey Lohan and his “Back Door Teen Mom” xxx video with MTV’s  “Teen Mom” spawn Farrah Abraham.  While these two previously mentioned “actresses” bounce from show to show hawking their rehab and therapy stories in hopes of not becoming irrelevant, James happily carries on doing what he’s always wanted to do- be a porn star.

James is dead tired. When we meet up at the Fox and Hounds in Studio City, he tells of the difficulty he has with trying to finish his 7 Sins movie pretty much all by himself. Because his budget is small from the start, he has had to go into his own pocket to finish the project he has envisioned. He’s having to do everything technically related to the feature along with performing as well. After our interview he will run out and buy hard drives and return home  to triple back up his content. He hasn’t slept well at all. He’s stressed. He really wants to make his fans happy, the distributor happy and himself happy as he offers up his own creative concept to be judged and absorbed by the professional critics of porn movies. It’s a daunting task. It would be easier to just sleep in and wait for the phone to ring, roll out of bed and go smash some girl for a check. He’s opted to try and build his empire, brick by brick.

He’s a busy dude so he is being generous by sitting down with me and letting me yammer questions at him in an attempt to show the human side to performers. He hates doing interviews and has an aversion to the press wanting him to do interviews to make a buck off him. I make nothing from these interviews; I do them because I like to and I think that helps him relax.

Here is the first segment of the interview as he explains why he wanted to be in porn.

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