Can Google Plus replace Facebook?

google +

I’m trying an new approach. I hate what FB has become and I’m going to be syndicating this content through Google Plus including some personal engagement. If you are on Google, here’s my link- I’m willing to give Google an opportunity to earn my social media attention these coming 12 months. Lets see what … [Read more…]

Across the Line with Zoey Monroe

zoey monroe

Zoey is just cute. Real cute. I remember the first time I worked with her I was scratching my head wondering how she got into adult. She has a great smile, great body and infectious attitude. She feels good to be inside her. She is present and makes you think no one else is in … [Read more…]

A few of my favorite things

If you saw Lady Gaga sing at the past Oscars, you’ll know what I’m talking about. The female form is one of the most breathtaking things you can see and experience in life. All types, shapes, shades, colors- it is all is so intoxicating. I’ve been addicted to it since I was a boy. It’s … [Read more…]


Over the last year James Deen’s notoriety increased quite a bit with his role in the film “The Canyons” alongside TMZ  bait chum Lindsey Lohan and his “Back Door Teen Mom” xxx video with MTV’s  “Teen Mom” spawn Farrah Abraham.  While these two previously mentioned “actresses” bounce from show to show hawking their rehab and … [Read more…]


Listen up buckos, you really shouldn’t be running around having sex without constantly knowing your medical status. There are people who actually think that to be in the dark is better than not knowing. Losers. Sack up and get tested!