13 thoughts on “BOOK

  1. Nat Porterfield

    Your a great actor, novelist, comedian, humanitarian, humble, and all around wonderful and endearing man. Intellegent and well versed on so many different things of the world. We love you Mr. Steven St. Croix. A true man of wisdom and love.

  2. Elena

    Love your work and love YOU! You are just like wine, you get better with age. All the best
    -xoxxo Elena

  3. Marcia

    You look exactly like my father!! It is uncanny!
    I have never “acted” before, but we could do something hilarious, hick and kissing cousins kind of great!

    I’m very hot and people would love to watch me do it with you, and it would be so horrible because of how much you look like Daddy.

    Seriously consider this. Even terrible incest video would be funny. I’m very good at sex and Do not get stage fright.

  4. Shellie Romine

    Hey, beautiful man! Just discovered you and was blown away by how gorgeous, sensual; charismatic and gentle you are. I love the way you gasp when aroused. So hot! Anywho, bought your book. Learned a ton and got some good Klingon belly laughs. :) I freakin’ love you. You’re great.

  5. Alex

    Steven. Loved watching your videos over the years and was wondering how I can purchase a copy of the old stardust mini series? You and other porn stars have made the industry what it is today, but the old videos are still golden and enjoyable!

  6. Rich

    Steve! I have invented a new type of porn. Can you point me in the the direction of someone who knows what they are talking about, legal wise?

    Huge fan btw!


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